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26/28 GRILL
The 26/28 GRILL is a restaurant with a nonexistent address, located right
downtown. The restaurant is named in honour of the fact that it is located
in an archway off the main thoroughfare, Lenina Avenue, between the buildings
numbered 26 and 28, on the old cobblestones of 1905 Square.
Our menu focuses on items from our grill, plus a selection of street food that
can be purchased for carryout, such as a juicy hamburger made of marbled beef
to be enjoyed on a stroll along the dam.
The restaurant prices are affordable enough that you can relax and order whatever you like. And after dinner, you can buy a reasonably priced bottle of wine
to take home with you.
The 26/28 GRILL is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite while strolling around
the city, stopping by for a full meal dinner with your friends, or just hanging out
at the bar with a cold beer.
Mon - Sun: 12.00 - 24.00
10 % off the entire menu
26/28 GRILL
26/28 Lenina Avenue