DOM KNIGI Bookshop
Dom Knigi is located right downtown, next to the Square of 1905, the Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg, the Yeltsin Centre, and the famous Vaynera Street. We have many books about
the Urals available in a special department that is dedicated to our local corner of the world. For example, we offer a gift edition of a very easy-to-use guidebook and map that covers the ten most interesting places in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. For our foreign guests we have books available in English.
We not only offer the traditional types of souvenirs at Dom Knigi, such as magnets, decorative dishes, and coffee mugs, but also some more unique handicrafts
produced by expert Russian folk craftsmen. Naturally we have a particularly large
selection of Urals souvenirs.
12 Antona Valeka St.Consultations are available in English
+7 (343) 289-40-45
Mon - Sun: 10.00 - 20.00
7 % off souvenirs and books
about Ekaterinburg and the Urals