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Ekaterinburg CityPass Benefits
What are the main benefits of Ekaterinburg CityPass?
Ekaterinburg CityPass allows you a free entry to over 30 museums, a guided tour around the historical centre of Ekaterinburg, and a 2-hour bicycle hire in the summer. The CityPass provides a 5-20 % discount at over 40 restaurants, cafes, bars, 5 leading theatres and 6 best souvenir gift shops. The list of CityPass partners is increasing. In the near future taxi services, hotels, and shopping centers will be included.

Ekaterinburg CityPass package contains a 240-pages guidebook with a historical overview and a list of modern city brands, a description of 50 key tourist attractions, prominent museums, the best restaurants. bars, coffee shops, souvenir gift shops. The package also includes a designer city map with a detailed picture of all buildings and the plotlines of Ekaterinburg's urban life.

A bonus is an AR-postcard. You will see the history of one of the landmarks of the city in the augmented reality application format.
In what languages is the guidebook for Ekaterinburg CityPass available?
The guidebook and the city map contain the sights description in Russian and in English.
Can I buy Ekaterinburg CityPass as a present?
The CityPass is available for sale. You can buy it for yourself, or give it to your friends and family members from Russia and abroad as a present.
How many locations can I visit with the CityPass?
The number of locations is unlimited. But you may use the CityPass only once at each partner organization.
Activating the CityPass and the discount system
How do I activate Ekaterinburg CityPass?
The CityPass becomes active at the moment of your first visit to any partner organization which participates in a bonus program for the pass holders, or offers free services as a part of the project.

On activating, the discount program is active for 5 days.

Free services for the pass holders are available for 24 or 48 hours depending on the tariff chosen, since the first use of one of the free services available. The cashier marks the time and date of your visit on the back side of the CityPass.

May I use Ekaterinburg CityPass for a group of people?
No, each CityPass card has an individual number and it can be used by one person only.
May I use Ekaterinburg CityPass after its expiry date?
No, you may not, but you can keep the CityPass as a souvenir.
General Questions
Who can use Ekaterinburg CityPass for Young People?
People under 18 and students can buy and use Ekaterinburg CityPass for Young People.
The holders of Ekaterinburg CityPass for Young People must present an identification document (a passport, certificate of birth, or a student ID card) to prove their age during a visit to a partner organization.

Does Ekaterinburg CityPass include a public transport fare?
In 2018 the free public transport option is unavailable. But you can buy an additional unlimited 3-days ticket for 400 RUB at the tourist centre in the Water Tower.
Please take part in our survey if you want to help us improve the public transport option:
a) yes, the public transport fare should be included in the price of the CityPass although the CityPass with the fare may cost 400 RUB more;
b) no, this service in Ekaterinburg is not needed.

What if I lose or damage the CityPass card?
The damaged or lost CityPass card cannot be replaced. If the card is damaged beyond repair, it will not work at the terminal.
Can I return Ekaterinburg CityPass?
Ekaterinburg CityPass card can be returned within 14 days since its purchase. In case of an external damage to the card or after the activation of the CityPass, the card is not subject to return.