Mamulya family restaurant is a place with special home-like atmosphere
and is situated is the very heart of the city. There are two halls in the restaurant: a home-like hall, where one may find traditional Russian and European cuisine dishes, and an Eastern hall designed in Eastern traditions, where traditional Eastern food is served. Everyone may find their favorite dishes from childhood in the restaurant menu. Early in the morning (since 7:30 a.m.), Mamulya will make your day with a hot homemade breakfast. And our lunch menu will delight you with its dishes variety. For dinner, Mamulya will not only set a rich table, but also brighten your evening with live music.
Mon - Thu: 7.30 - 24.00
Fri: 7.30 - 02.00
Sat: 9.00 - 02.00
Sun: 9.00 - 24.00

10 % off main menu, 15 % off bar menu
41 Lenina Avenue