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Nevyansk Icon Museum
The primary exposition consists of over 700 examples of work from this last
Russian school of icon painting. The museum holds one of the earliest famous
icons to be signed with a specific date, as well as one of the latest — the Egyptian
Mother of God (1734) and the Saviour Pantocrator (1919). This is the
only complete collection that encompasses the entire period of the existence of the Nevyansk school of icon painting, from the early 18th century until
the 1920s.
The museum's exposition includes icons from the Russian North, examples
of copper enamel work, wooden sculpture, manuscripts, antique Russian household items, and many other historical and artistic artefacts
Время работы
Mom - Sun: 11.00 - 20.00

Ticket office: until 7:00 PM
15 Engelsa St