The Kolyada Theatre
The Kolyada Theatre is one of today's most interesting and popular homes
for drama — beloved in Ekaterinburg as well as far beyond its borders. The theatre's repertoire is varied: from performances of classic works by Shakespeare and
Gogol to productions of theatrical pieces by contemporary playwrights. The theatre boasts its own distinctive style. Whether it's shaman dances, folk songs,
the dazzling costumes, original scenery, or the artists who have won fame not only
in the theatre but also in the cinema — the Nikolai Kolyada Theatre has a full repertoire of ways to take our audience's breath away. The Kolyada Theatre, which
recently celebrated its 16th birthday, is considered by Forbes magazine to be one
of Russia's top ten regional theatres
97 Lenina Avenue
+7 (343) 359-80-22
Пн - Вс: 10.00 - 22.00
The Kolyada Theatre
97 Lenina Avenue