Atention! The project the Ekaterinburg CityPass is closed, sale of cards is stopped!
A two-story mansion where the interiors of the XIX century are recreated and
a collection of antiques is kept. Together with the modern interpretation of amazing dishes of Russian cuisine by chef Mikhail Kovalev.
The menu has a special focus on the best products from all over Russia.
The guests are offered slices of muksun, chopped sterlet, Tatar steak from horse
meat, pike cutlets, Ural pelmeni, kulebiaka (pie with fish filling), and other dishes
that you simply must taste. Original kinds of tea, made by association with Ural
nature reserves, leave a long-lasting memory of their taste. Our liqueurs outdo
ones made by famous producers of hard liquor and they, like no other drink, are
a perfect match for the dishes of the Ural cuisine
137 Malysheva St.