Zames is a small bistro with an open kitchen, an expansive, patriotic menu,
and very affordable prices. It's a cosy, intimate spot with a decor that highlights
the rich history of mining in the Urals, located next door to the Cultural Transit
Foundation (a contemporary art gallery) and offering the signature cuisine of two
Ekaterinburg chefs, Vladimir Olkinitsky and Shakir Yuldashev. The concept-based
menu revolves around various types of pelmeni, as well as their cousins — posikunchiki (tiny meat pastries native to the Perm region) and vareniki (an Eastern European dumpling)
12 Pushkina St.
Average bill: 400 ₽
Menu in English, Japanese
+7 (343) 287-30-01
Mon - Sun: 12.00 - 22.00
10 % off the entire menu
12 Pushkina St.